for mobile
driven businesses


for mobile
driven businesses


SASA enables organisations to leverage mobile devices to engage and transact with customers.

SASA enables organisations to create mobile-based ecosystems that scale.

Our financial platform links businesses to their customers through USSD, SMS, WhatsApp, and online and offline Apps.

Through these channels we shape customer behaviour and empower a diverse range of transactions.

SASA creates dynamic and actionable customer profiles from every interaction and transaction.



Customer Profiles

Customer Interactions




SASA has digitized over ten thousand smallholder rice farmers associated with the Apex Co-operative in the Mbeya region of Tanzania. Leveraging SASA’s online/offline app, USSD and SMS mobile channels, SASA connects smallholder farmers with the Co-operative, input suppliers, buyers and financial institutions. 

Each engagement and transaction is captured in SASA’s back-end, creating robust, flexible and real time farmer profiles. These digital profiles are then leveraged to better understand, segment and, more meaningfully engage with the farmers with suitable information and products.

The number of farmers registered for this solution is expected to double in 2021.

Ninayo provides warehousing facilities to smallholder farmers, allowing maize farmers to safely and securely store their crops. In turn, this allows farmers to realize higher post harvest crop prices.

SASA provides Ninayo with the mobile channel (USSD) to update crop prices, record deliveries and facilitate transactions with farmers. Similarly, using the same USSD code, farmers are able to query how much of a crop they have stored in the warehouse, see prevailing crop prices, as well as elect to sell some (or all) of their stored crops. As with all of SASA’s solutions, every integration and transaction is logged to create real-time digital profiles.

SASA digitized over ten thousand smallholder farmers in the Kigoma region of Tanzania. Leveraging SASA’s platform and offline first Apps, DMA was able to onboard and register the farmers, provide savings mobile money wallets which then funded fertiliser, seed and other inputs) purchases by the farmers.

SASA supported DMA with an online/offline app, USSD and SMS. We also provided mobile money and bank access, empowering the farmers to save. 

Spoon Money supports women in the low-income segment to boost their businesses and build financial resilience by providing them with group loans. Spoon Money uses SASA’s platform to engage with their customers over SMS, and to manage the disbursement and repayment of loans. SASA also accounts for the loans at an individual and group level. 

Mahindra Comviva, a subsidiary of the Indian listed Tech Mahindra, is a global leader in providing mobile money technology to mobile network operators. To support their mobile money offering with mobile financial services, Mahindra Comviva purchased SASA’s platform to provide the necessary tools for a mobile micro-loan management system.

The Chili Pepper Company supports smallholder chilli farmers in Zimbabwe to grow chilli for Tabasco. WinWin Earth developed an app used to train farmers and record deliveries. SASA’s platform extends their core app based solution and facilitates reporting, better farmer profiles, and augments the existing app solution with alternative mobile channels (USSD, SMS). We also overlay financial transactions allowing the Chili Pepper Company to use local mobile money solutions to pay farmers. 




There’s simply no developer more capable of delivering quality tech in the African telecom market than SASA Solutions. We interviewed dozens of development firms for our USSD system, SASA saved us money, gave great ongoing service and delivered the exact solution we needed at the agreed upon price point. We highly recommend this firm.

Jack Langworthy
CEO Ninayo

I am personally always impressed meeting a team more driven by the end result ahead of remuneration. That’s my take on SASA in a nutshell. We thank SASA Solutions for the wonderful job in helping us develop E-Mazao. Everyone was professional, excellent and hard working. Thanks to them, we were able to achieve our goal on time, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future.

Nacha Mlaki
CEO Andre & Ross (E-Mazao)

SASA has been an efficient, flexible and responsive partner, reducing our growing pains and delivering to our customer needs. Great technology partner to have!

Rob Madziva
CEO Digital Mobile Africa

Spoon Money engaged with Sasa Finance approximately 2 and a half years ago when looking for a group savings platform.  They’re terrific guys, who have been willing to adapt, learn, engage and advise over endless coffees, proving themselves a valuable partner to our startup. We expect they’ll stay that way for a long time to come!

Nicky Swartz
CEO Spoon Money




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